August 27, 2020

Eichholtz – The Epitome of Luxury Living

Jakarta, December 2019 – Brought to you by Melandas, the Epitome of Luxury Living product – “Eichholtz” the luxury brand from Holland, was launched in Jakarta at the end of 2018. The premium and luxury brand comes with wide variety of furniture, home accessories and lightings products, in which it has filled plenty of homes, hospitality and commercial spaces in Indonesia with its warmth and unique ambiance.

With stores located conveniently at the heart of Jakarta – Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall and Melandas Dipo Business Center, it gives clients the best shopping experience with its decorated room concepts, bringing the visions to life. Not only furniture and the range of accessories and lightings products, Eichholtz by Melandas gives its clients a peace of mind by providing styling team and 3D designers to translate wishes into 3D visuals for a 360° preview of the desired result.

Many of the first-rate furniture pieces are modern interpretations of entrancing antiques. With the combined experience of over 150 skilled employees, a 35,000m² warehouse and a Grand Showroom of 4,000m², Eichholtz has furnished more than 10,000 prestigious hotels, restaurants, clubs and stores throughout the world.

Although its sourced from the other parts of the world, Melandas as the exclusive distributor of Eichholtz in Indonesia believes that each of the Eichholtz’s product carries its own uniqueness and will definitely able to transform a house into a warmer home for its clients in Indonesia.

Take a look at some of the new collections it has during this season at Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall level 3.